Rute Ventura - Portuguese Visual Artist based in NYC
My art explores identity - social and cultural roles. It reflects the emotional experiences we go through in life. Explores ideas and emotions that range from illness to wellness, in the form of painting, sculpture, performance and video art. In my creative process I portrait visualizations, received throughout meditative states of mind, that are connected with physical and emotional sensations; duality, time, fairy tales, occult lore, space and matter; in a bold and symbolic way. The backgrounds strike the eye with geometry and interceptive lines that levitate the space creating a subtle sense of depth and ether. The figures overlap in layers of transparency producing dynamisms and forming structure out of light and shadow. I am particularly interested in portraying emotional sensations by representing the human essence using the body, conceptual hybrid figures, and animals; communicating the strength, instincts, impulses, and the intuition that thrive within us.